Engineered with the highest quality materials and components, these hubs are designed to outperform and outlast the competition.


We began machining these hubs from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum - 2 times stronger and lighter than standard 6061. By choosing 7075 we have created a more rigid and responsive feel that carves through ruts, tracks and corners. We then add a 47mm OD Tapered Timken Inner Bearing, 5mm larger than stock, and a 42mm OD Tapered Timken Outer Bearing. This bearing combination eliminates the need for dual outer standard sealed bearings, and increases the longevity of your hub and spindle while allowing the tire to spin with ease. To keep those bearings greased, we added a brass grease zerk to allow grease to be packed throughout the hub. Next we added an insert to the back side of the hub. This is made from a proprietary material designed to help conduct and pull heat from the brake disc, which helps to keep your rotor cool and enable the maximum braking potential.


These hubs are a precision machined component, designed to give you an edge over the competition. Take your ride to the front with the Rocket Hub today. Specialty colors are available upon request. Black, red, and blue are the standard stocked colors. Other variation may require an additional lead time.

Rocket Elite Hubs - Tapered Bearing