Unfortunately, sometimes we make mistakes... we are human. But those mistakes are your reward if you choose! 

Our “Blem” hub are hubs that we have deemed to not meet our specs ranging from scratches, to run out, to simply we do not like the color. However, any of these issues we do not believe are ones that will cause the hub to perform any differently.

If you choose to purchase our blems hubs you are choosing to purchase the hubs ‘as is’ and there will be no return. Blem hubs will only be posted when we have them. If we are out of stock, there are none to be had, so please do not call asking if we have any. If you have questions as to what the “blem” may be before purchase, call us! We will share. You may even receive a “blem” hub and not even know what the blem is, we just want to get them off our shelf.

Blem hubs will be listed by generation, ATV model, style, and color.

Generation 4 is the newest generation. Differences between Generations really only refer to the weight of the hub.

Again, any questions, please call!

Blem - Rocket Hubs